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Carmel: Location, Location, Location

I observe that the location we choose to play has a dramatic impact on our levels of creativity.  If I choose to locate myself in a dark room with little color my creativity is somewhat stifled.  If I choose to find a location that inspires, engages, and invites me to play, I do…. At the Monterey […]

Carmel: Adventurous and Playful

I learned part of an adventure on play is those playmates we choose to play with, to travel with, to laugh with and be ourselves with… so from the first leg of the sabbatical travel to Carmel are the amazing, playful, delightful, lovely, fun, loving crew—Laura, Patti, Nicki, Julia, Kelly, Kay and Dee.  Here are a […]

Shared Stories: The Otter and Little Boy

This video clip was shared with Pastor Dee during her recent meeting with Dr. Stuart Brown of The National Institute of Play in Carmel, California. It coincides nicely with Dee’s adventures with the sea otters on the first leg of her sabbatical adventures. For a reminder of Pastor Dee’s upcoming travels and adventures, watch the Sabbatical Calendar on […]

Wolf and Wildlife Sanctuary, Part 4

Part 4 of Dee’s experiences from the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center ~ May 14, 2011 Humans Join in the Happy Chorus As I mentioned in earlier posts, we were encircled by 20 plus wolves as our leader lead the howling experience.  We listened as she described the differences in tonal qualities and pitches.  As she began, […]

Wolf and Wildlife Sanctuary, Part 3

Part 3 of Dee’s experiences from the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center ~ May 14, 2011 Invitation to play and participate After we circled the compound getting introduced to each of the wolves and their friends, after we learned of their histories, the wounds, the celebrations, the strengths, and their struggles, we were invited by the leaders […]

Wolf and Wildlife Sanctuary, Part 2

Part 2 of Dee’s experiences from the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center ~ May 14, 2011 Love and Affection When we sat down in the enclosure, the wolves immediately went for Lilly, showering her with love and kisses.  The guides had shared with us the protocol: if they love you, they are freely affectionate.  They will […]

Wolf and Wildlife Sanctuary, Part 1

Dee’s experiences from the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center ~ Divide, Colorado ~ May 14, 2011 WOW and amazing—I found myself saying these words over and over as we wandered through the Wolf Sanctuary.  As we walked through the sanctuary being introduced to all of the wolves, the Timberlines, the gorgeous Arctics, the hesitant Mexican, […]

The Travel Arrangements are Made!

Well, all the travel reservations are made.  All the flights are booked, the hotel reservations are in, the coordination with travel and events and activities are complete.  This, to me, was an overwhelming part of the coordination of the summer excursions.  How to juggle the days in South Africa and make hut reservations in Kruger […]

Dee’s Words – Do Elk Play?

Today I was surprised by a spring snow storm.  As I sat drinking my coffee, looking out my windows to the winter like surroundings, I noticed something in the trees.  There was a movement, a flash, that caught my eye.  I kept focused to see what was happening on my little hill.  Then they emerged.  […]

Dee’s Words – What “Play” Means To Me

I have had many of you affirm: “Dee a summer of play…. well of course–that is what Dee does best!”  “That is what we know of Dee–That is her genius, her playfulness.” These comments bring a smile to my face.  I find that I want to say “play is so much more than just being silly or […]