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Bimini: Communication

Dolphins have a variety of ways they communicate with each other and with humans. Many of us, when we think of dolphin sounds, hear the laughter that Flipper often projected in the television show. They more often use clicks or clicking to share or say hello. They are astute at sonar – they send signals […]

Bimini: Invitation

Once in the waters the dolphins would truly choose when they surfaced to come toward individuals. As they caught your eye, they would turn and truly look over their shoulder sometimes even slowing, saying ‘do you want to play?’ There is truly an invitation by these soulful creatures that is quite delightful. Sometimes they were […]

Bimini: Respect

WildQuest is an amazing organization. And I would say respect of the dolphins is core to their identity. Before we ever got onto the boat, they described to us that they do nothing to entice the dolphins to come to the boat or to swim with us. They rely completely on the signals and communication […]

Bimini: Under the Sea

One of the side benefits of this time was we got to snorkel at some amazing reefs and see the corals and underwater life. I used to scuba dive and it’s been awhile. I was reminded of the extraordinary beauty that exists under this cover that we see only the surface of the ocean waters. […]

Bimini: Preparation

Long before we got into the water, there were several moments of instruction and education. We read the Dolphins and Their Power to Heal book before coming which was very helpful. We had teaching moments of how to use the gear, how to be on the boat, and once we saw dolphins what will happen. […]

Bimini: Abundance Exists in the Dolphin World

We had 20 people on our boat, plus the staff and crew. It would be quite easy to feel like there won’t be enough for me – and yet – there were more than enough dolphin encounters for everyone. Dolphins live in a world where scarcity isn’t a known quantity. Community and abundance is how […]

Bimini: Off We Go!

We left on Sunday, July 3, arriving in Ft. Lauderdale enjoying some play time on the strip and time to get acquainted. With my pod came Linda, Gretchen, and Becca. We then flew to the island of Bimini – the closest island of the Bahamas to the U.S. We were in a 9 passenger Gulf Stream […]